All American Video Poker vs Jacks or Better

The game All American Poker is a poker game based on Jacks or Better. The payout table of this game is exactly the same in both games. That being said, the payouts vary slightly with the All American Poker being 99.3% and the Jacks or Better game giving an average of 99.5%. The two games attract different types of players just because they are different. The difference is, All American Poker pays out better for the really good hands, which is what the higher stakes players love about it.

All American Poker Jacks or Better
Straight flush 1000 coins 250 coins
Four of a kind 170 coins 125 coins
Flush 40 coins 30 coins
Straight 40 coins 20 coins

Of course, the higher payouts on some hands, mean that lower payouts occur when it comes to other hands, which is what many people do not think of. Getting two pairs is where players will start to see the real difference between these two games.

All American Poker Jacks or Better
Two Pair 5 coins 10 coins

Alot of people assume that these small difference do not make enough different to be bothered about. That being said, the four poker hands mentioned above are dealt around 2-3 times out of 100. The two pairs comes up around 13% of the time. So this means that the small decrease in payout makes a small difference, but a lot of the time. The bigger hands have a bigger difference, but only in a small amount of hands that are dealt to players.