Blackjack Introduction

Blackjack, a game that is also known as 21, is considered to be one of the best games at casinos across the globe. Edward Thorpe explains that it is not about how close players manage to get to 21, but instead, what the dealer has. Focusing on what the dealer has or could get rather than what the individual player has in the key to success in 21.

Many people try and explain Blackjack in a complex manner, the above is just simplifying all the high tech language that many might be hearing right now. The fact is, you can win with 12, yet you might lose on 20; hence why what you have is not really important. On the same token, a pro card counter could lose, whilst an absolute beginner could win.

An important point is to play Blackjack out of choice, rather than because you expect to make a million. The unpredictable becomes reality in many cases that is the way it is with gambling. People on a hot streak suddenly find the tables turn them and sometimes it happens the other way round as well. Using knowledge and patience, you can give the tables a helping hand and make them turn in the right direction.

Realizing that you are probably not going to make a million playing blackjack overnight, you should find the game entertaining and enjoyable. I can tell you that I have witnessed some pretty incredible streaks at the blackjack table (more about those later on), but most of us mortals merely want to risk a few dollars to take a chance and hopefully, with a little bit of knowledge and some patience, the cards will fall our way.