Download vs. No Download Online Casino Software

Players can get involved with online casino playing in a range of difference ways. They can download the casino software, or they can simply use the no download version that is featured on alot of casino websites. Of course, these versions are known as the instant play versions and are sometimes created with flash graphics. There are positive and negative aspects of each, so it is worth taking everything into account.

Positive Aspects of Download Casinos

  • The visuals and sounds are usually better quality
  • Usually offer a better range of games
  • The game play runs smoother
  • Less lag or disruption to game play

Negative Aspects of Download Casinos

  • Players only play at the computer they downloaded the software to
  • Minimum system requirements are high

Positive Aspects of No Download Casinos

  • Play at any computer in the world
  • No need to uninstall after use
  • Instant play
  • Can be played on Mac PCs

Negative Aspects of No Download Casinos

  • Each game gets downloaded each time you play; takes time
  • Visuals and sounds are not usually as good as downloaded software