Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos are constantly trying to obtain new players and bonuses is the best way that they can do it. This is the act of offering players rewards for playing with them as opossed to a competitor and its a great way for players to get extra money. The entire online experience works in a virtual world of game play.

Match Bonuses

A match bonus is a bonus that a casino offers for signing up at their casino and then depositing real money. What this means is that when a player deposits a certain amount, the casino will reward them, for simply depositing with a match bonus of 2x or even 3x what they originally deposited. This is basically free money!

No Deposit Bonuses

If a casino is suggesting that they are offering a no deposit bonus for signing up at their casino, then this is truly free money. All they are asking a player to do is simply register an account with the valid information and deposit nothing in order to get the bonus; free money!

Wagering / Playthrough Requirements

Casinos have now attached terms and conditions to their bonuses for a simple reason; scammers. Some people were signing up to casino after casino just to harvest all the deposits. Now there are requirements such as wagering requirements. This means a player has to make a certain value of wagers in order to cash out or in order to collect their deposit.