Online Casino Video Poker vs. Video Slots

The games video poker and video slots are extremely popular at online casinos, mainly due to the fact that they are very similar. In online casinos, both of these games are played using software that runs a screen and a generator that generates random numbers. They do have some differences though.

Video poker is a game that players can incorporate skill into, where as slots are just pure chance. In video poker, players will be given five cards and they choose which cards to chance. This element of the came requires skill, in comparison to spinning a slot, which requires no skill at all.

The difference in the payout is also extremely different. For instance, video poker pays out around 98%. On the other hand, slot machines tend to vary a little lower, between 95-96%, which is obviously a fairly distinct difference. This is something to take into account before choosing a game.

One of the other main comparisons is how complex the game play is. Video slot machines are slightly more complex than video poker machines. Slot machines are incredibly complex, which makes the game play extremely easy. That being said they incorporate alot of things like scatter symbols which help to boost winnings. Video poker is incredibly simple and only involves being dealt five cards. Players effectively choose their destiny by getting rid of the cards that they believe will not yield any kind of win at all, which is obviously a good thing!